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Nagora, more than organic cosmetics


Nagora Greta

It all started with Greta. While working for one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies—and seeing all the bright and dark sides— she became pregnant with her first child. She knew she wanted nothing but the best and healthiest stuff for her baby. Looking around and not finding the right baby cosmetics, she decided to make her own creams, lotions, soap… She consulted pharmacists, completed courses, and started to create organic creams.

One day, Bea—a long time friend—received a face cream from Greta as a gift. She loved it so much that she literally panicked that one day Greta might stop making organic creams. By then she was sure she wanted no more chemicals. It was a chilly Spring in 2014 when both of them realized the creams are far too good to be kept just for family and friends. “I remember being on the playground with my daughter and talking to myself—“if it is so good for me that I can’t live without it, it will make other women happy too. So I called Greta and told her we should start a business together. She told me she was thinking the same”, said Bea.

It took a year of preparation—perfecting recipes, getting the licenses and permission, doing the business plan. Nagora opened in 2015. 

“Nagora is more than a natural cosmetic company. It is our commitment to create the purest and healthiest skin products with 60+ bioactive herbs, combining innovative technology, leaving out anything that is harmful (paraben, SLS, PEG, petroleum, synthetic colourings, frangrance, preservatives etc.). Our aim is to restore the natural balance of your skin, and to create cosmetics good for your skin and the environment."

We use zero-waste approach from technology to packaging (Nagora was the first in Hungary to use reusable bottles, which you can recycle to us and we reuse them.

Greta, together with the pharmacist, works on new recipes. “We integrate old traditional Hungarian folk medicine and use 60+ natural herbs— all of them 100% pure. My favourites are: seabuckthorne (anti-aging, sun protection), rosemary (acne balance), calendula (anti-inflammatory). We recently launched aluminium-free herbal deodorant and thyme cream gel for acne balance. Both of tNagora about ushem are more popular than we expected. We will launch organic shampoo, 40+ serum, and eczema creams next. When we started Nagora, I first created creams for our own skin type (dry), but as we started to attend markets— Vegan Sunday Market, WAMP- the Hungarian design market, Endometriosis conferences— we realized that 80% of the population has a combined skin type due to stress, urban lifestyles (pollution), and our nutrition. Many people commented that they could not find the right product for their problematic skin (oily in T-zones and dry on the cheeks) all in 1 cream. Since we know that nature has the answer for all skin problems, I searched for the special herbs to treat this difficult skin. We found centella asiatica, thyme, rosemary, camille, green tea, rosehip —all from organic farms. Since we take it very serious to minimize  our carbon footprint and support local famers, we try to find organic Hungarian sources whenever possible. We are very proud of our mixed skin product collection and customer satisfaction is strong. But as we believe, nature makes no mistakes, we stand behind our products. We offer a 60 day refund guarantee for all products which is exceptional in the market. Vegans also appreciate that we do not do any animal testing (only family & friends testing :DD).


Bea is the creative one with her focus on design, new initiatives and everything beyond cosmetics.

“It was obvious from day 1 that we want to give more than just cosmetics to our women kin. We want to create a community for women. There is a facebook group called “Nagora Woman’s Circle — for everyday consciousness in a modern weaving house”. This is a safe, supporting female space, where we share all different ideas, inspirations related to family, relationship, consciousness, environment, everyday topics, fun, etc. Basically, anything related to women is fair game. A weaving house is a symbol, as in old Hungarian times—especially in folklore— women got together in these houses, and whilst weaving they discussed everything, shared their thoughts, and supported each other. We found that it is missing in our disconnected world. There is a need in women to feel connected, so we decided to bring this back, even if virtually. We also organize environmentally conscious movements and facebook challenges: #21napabolygoert (21 days for the planet) reached 1300+ people and inspired them to start a more conscious lifestyle with everyday tips.

We are happy to see the eco-friendly approach and the need for a greener life are on the rise. More and more beauty companies are starting to think greener. Nagora as a green cosmetic company remains dedicated to zero-waste. We were the first in Hungary to use reusable bottles— customers can return used jars for a voucher and then use them again.

We have huge plans and lots of new ideas. We believe that we can all be connected to mother nature, even in the 21st century, even in Budapest.