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There are so many natural cosmetics on the market, why should I choose you?

Because we make bioactive herbal bombs. This means that we only put the best of nature into our products, contrary to industry convention we use 100% pure, chemical-free, unrefined versions of natural ingredients and herbs. This gives us products with a unique high content of active ingredients and vitamins, which are better absorbed by the skin due to their nature-identical formulation. This way, bioactive herbal extracts can be absorbed into your skin to heal and restore its natural balance, ensuring its natural radiance and health, and thus connecting you to the natural cycle of nature :) At the same time, we leave out all the ingredients that are common in conventional cosmetics but unnecessary for the skin: volumizers, additives, synthetic dyes/fragrances, petroleum derivatives, parabens, silicone, polyethylene glycol (PEG), dangerous emulsifiers, harmful sulphates, etc. We also say no to raw materials from industries that cause the suffering and destruction of natural wildlife, such as palm oil, and we do not use any animal-derived materials (except goat's milk, beeswax and honey). With our products, you don't just stop putting toxins into your body, you can be healthier and more beautiful every day, your face and skin can finally be revitalised, full of vitality and strength. And you can also be part of a community of people who take a step every day to live in a healthier body and environment, in harmony with our planet and nature, as we minimise our ecological footprint and even recycle our jars.

How do you support local farmers?

We believe it's important for you to minimize your ecological footprint by buying our products and to support families producing in Hungary in a fair trade way. Therefore, we give preference to local producers when purchasing all herbs and raw materials, as long as they meet the quality standards. With your purchases you support e.g. You are supporting the Szomódi Lavendulás, from whom we buy organic lavender hydrolate and essential oil, organic rosemary and sage water, organic wheat flower and muscatel sage water, Judit, who grows her plants in a forest village in Transdanubia and makes the most valuable herbal soaps from them.

Why should I trust Nagora?

With us you can be safe, you know exactly what you are putting on and how it will affect your skin. Our baby and adult natural cosmetics are developed and formulated in-house, and we even oversee the manufacturing process from the first step to the last. You can find all the ingredients of our products on our product pages, not only in Latin, but also in plain English. We share with you what you need to know about the herbs we use, their centuries-old folk remedies or even their scientifically proven expected effects. On our websites, you can also find out about dangerous ingredients commonly used in the cosmetics industry - which you will of course not find in our 'everything-free' products (our free list is below). We'll answer all your questions and give you insight into everything from the process of selecting our herbs to manufacturing and packaging. You'll find pictures, videos (in progress) and detailed text descriptions of each product, so you know exactly what colour, texture and effect to expect when you start using it. You don't take any chances, because if you're still not satisfied, we'll buy back the products for 60 days because we believe in their excellence.

If 86% organic, what's the rest?

On many of our products, you'll see a label indicating the percentage of organically farmed (i.e. organic) ingredients. For ingredients, we strive to use certified organic ingredients and even support Hungarian producers, but we also use other ingredients that are not available or make no sense to use organic versions. These include vegetable emulsifiers (PEG-free, ECOcert certified, which in addition to combining the fat and water phases of the cream, make the skin silky soft, mattifying, powdery), vegetable gelling agents (to give a pleasant consistency and help to maintain skin moisture), nature-identical preservatives (paraben-free, skin-friendly and effective in maintaining product stability), vitamins, vegetable glycerine (moisture-retaining), hyaluronic acid (helps prevent the formation of wrinkles), vegetable cetyl alcohol (helps the cream absorb) or occasionally purified water. All of these are formulated exclusively for use in natural and organic cosmetics and are COSMOS compliant ingredients.

What is COSMOS and what does it mean that your raw materials are COSMOS compliant?

COSMOS is the European certification institute for natural cosmetics, founded by the German BDIH, the French COSMEBIO and Ecocert, the Italian ICEA and the British The Soil Association to establish a single European standard for natural cosmetics. They stipulate that only substances that are both skin and environmentally friendly, of mineral, animal or plant origin, and nature-identical, may be used in natural cosmetics. They also define possible extraction procedures for plant substances and prohibit the use of genetically modified plants. Among other things, they stipulate that animal materials must be derived from animals, that they must not be extracted from live or dead animals and that neither the raw materials nor the finished product may be tested on animals. We, at Nagora, only use raw materials that comply with the COSMOS requirements and some of our raw materials are certified by a certification body (e.g. Ecocert).

What is the expiry date of the shelf-life indicated on the webshop?

The shelf life of our products starts from the date of manufacture. Based on our stability tests, we can guarantee this if you follow the storage instructions (protected from sunlight, kept at room temperature).

The actual expiry date is printed on the product label, so if you have already bought one of our products, you know exactly how long the quality is guaranteed. Generally, our products can be used for longer than this, but due to the differences in natural materials and storage habits, we guarantee a shelf life without loss of quality up to this date.

If you see a cosmetic product with a small opened jar and the number of months/years marked next to it, it is from the date of opening. It's good to know that this is required by the authorities for a shelf life of at least 3 years, so if you see something like that, you can be sure it's not a product that's very valuable to the skin, probably with lots of preservatives.

Why do you use plastic jars if you are promoting environmental awareness?

When the manufactory was founded, we put all our products in glass. But unfortunately, we soon found out that we could only give a minimum shelf life to our products preserved using a gentle, natural preservation process. We had to look for a new solution and found jars made with airless technology, which is exactly what delicate, 100% pure ingredients, easily oxidized cold pressed oils and plant extracts are made of. This technology, on the other hand, exists only in plastic form, while offering an even more gentle or completely preservative-free shelf life. It was important for us to research and use a type of plastic that is completely safe, leach-free (HDPE, PP) and recyclable. This allowed us to increase the shelf life from 3-4 months to 8-18 months. And because recycling is important to us, we recycle and reuse the jars (plastic bottles, airless and glass). You can bring your emptied and rinsed nagora jars back to nagora headquarters (2096 Üröm, Szikla utca 11, entrance from Asztalos utca 13). Otherwise, we are constantly following the development of green technologies and we are looking forward to the appearance of fully biodegradable cosmetic jars.

Which pick-up methods can I choose and how much do they cost?

GLS home delivery in Hungary

For orders placed before 12:00, GLS will deliver to the specified domestic delivery address within 1 working day, thereafter within 2 working days between 8:00-17:00.
On the morning of delivery, GLS will email you the 3-hour timeframe when your package is expected to arrive. If this time is not convenient for you, please call the courier using the contact details provided in the email. Delivery is free of charge from 1490 ft and over 25 000 ft.

GLS parcel point in Hungary

For orders placed before 12:00, we will deliver within 1 working day, and thereafter within 2 working days, to the selected domestic GLS parcel point address (parcel machines and pick-up points), where the parcel can be picked up during the opening hours of the selected pick-up point. Delivery is free of charge from 1490 ft up to 25 000 ft.

Foxpost parcel machines  in Hungary

For orders placed before 12:00, we will deliver to the selected domestic Foxpost parcel machine within 1 working day, thereafter within 2 working days. You don't have to wait for the courier, Foxpost will send you a text message with a unique code to pick up your parcel anytime within 3 days. Delivery is free of charge from 1090 ft to 25 000 ft.
Important: For Foxpost only prepayment is possible (by credit card or bank transfer)!

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, but for countries outside the EU, prior registration and confirmation by email to nagora@nagormanufaktura.hu is required. After our confirmation the purchase will be possible.

When will I receive my parcel?

You will receive your parcel within 1-3 days after placing your order. We do not keep a large stock, so sometimes the product you have ordered is not in stock and we have to manufacture it, which can take a few days. However, in return for your patience, you are guaranteed to receive a fresh, preservative-free or natural-identical skincare product made with natural preservatives approved in gentle natural products.

I'd like to ask questions, what should I do?

You can always ask questions in the Messenger window that pops up at the bottom right of our webshop. They will be seen by Greta and she will answer you shortly (please be patient if she doesn't answer immediately, she doesn't just do customer service). You can also ask questions by e-mail at nagora@nagoramanufaktura.hu or by phone at +36 30 6601553.

Do you do animal testing?

No. We only test our products on ourselves and our family and friends. We also take a cruelty-free approach to sourcing our ingredients.

Are the products vegan?

Most of our products are vegan (98%), meaning they contain no animal ingredients at all. Some of our products contain ingredients derived from animals (beeswax, honey, goat's milk), but not from killed animals. This is always indicated in the ingredients of the product.

What ingredients are nagora cosmetics free from?

Petroleum derivatives, parabens, silicone, synthetic colouring, synthetic fragrance, polyethylene glycol (PEG), palm oil, dangerous emulsifiers, SLS and other harmful sulphates, dangerous preservatives, space fillers and other additives that are unnecessary for the skin.

Why don't I receive an invoice in my parcel?

Protecting the environment is important to us, so we use a paperless, electronic billing system, so you will receive your invoice electronically by email, in compliance with current legislation.

What payment methods can I choose?

Cash on delivery (in Hungary)

You pay the purchase price of the products, the delivery fee and the cash handling fee (290Ft) to the courier upon receipt, either in cash or by credit card.

Payment by credit card with BARION

This payment method is available to anyone who has a Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Electron or Amex credit card or debit card that can be used for online payment. To pay, you will need your card details and e-mail address. Barion registration is not required for payment, there is no extra cost. Your credit card details will not be sent to our store.

The convenient and secure online payment is provided by Barion Payment Zrt., MNB license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.

From the checkout you will be redirected to the BARION site, where you can pay for your Nagora products. In case of unsuccessful payment, you can try again or return to the checkout at nagoramanufaktura.hu to choose another payment method.

You can also save your credit card details when you checkout, so you don't have to enter them again the next time you make a purchase. The card details required for payment are stored on Barion's secure server, where an email address and password are required for payment. One Barion wallet can hold several credit cards.

By prepayment

You need to transfer the payment amount in advance to our bank account at OTP Bank (Nagora Manufaktúra Kft., 11707000-20488811-00000000, message: your order number). The transfer details will be sent in the order confirmation e-mail. The products will be shipped after receipt of the amount in our account. This payment method is free of charge, only your bank may charge a fee for the transfer.

Are the cosmetics gluten-free?

If you are gluten intolerant, you should aim to ensure that any cosmetics that may come into contact with your mouth are gluten-free. So be careful with lip balm, maybe hand cream (for example if you lick your hands), toothpaste. Our Nagora lip balms are gluten free, our hand cream contains vegetable glycerine so it is not gluten free.

How long does a cream last?

It's hard to say because it depends on how long you use it. In our experience, a face cream and face wash lasts about 2-3 months, lip balms can last up to half a year, deodorant lasts about 3 months and body lotion 2-6 months. Soaps are sure to wear out in 1-2 months, except for hair washing soap, which will last longer if you only use it to wash your hair.

What is the 60-day 100% money back guarantee and how can I claim it?

We know it's hard to replace your long-used creams overnight, so we want to make it easy for you. We only use quality ingredients, most of which are organic and meet COSMOS' high standards. Our cosmetics are produced in a hygienic workshop, authorised by the National Health and Safety Authority, with great care and based on recipes developed over 5 years.

We are therefore confident in the excellence of our products, but if for some reason you don't like one of our products or you have a particular skin sensitivity, you can decide to return the product to us for a 100% refund for 60 days after your purchase (you can do this as long as you have used less than half of the product).

So we take the risk, so you can enjoy the pampering benefits of our natural cosmetics, made with over 50 bioactive herbs, with peace of mind and without worry.

If you decide to return, please email us at nagora@nagoramanufaktura.hu with the information below:

Product name

Product lot number (you will find it on the label)

Why you want to return the product

Your bank account number and name

This is necessary so that we can identify the product and batch, and then incorporate your feedback into our improvements.

Once you have sent the email, please return the remaining cream (min. 50%) to Nagora Manufaktúra Kft., 2096 Üröm, Szikla utca 11 (entrance from Asztalos utca 13). Once it arrives, we will refund you the price of the product.

What should I do if I want to order something else or change my order, but I have already placed my order?

Call Greta on 06 30 6601553 or email nagora@nagoramanufaktura.hu and we'll discuss it.

What if I want to change my delivery address but I have already placed my order?

Call Greta at 06 30 6601553 or email nagora@nagoramanufaktura.hu and we'll discuss it.

Do you have a loyalty or loyalty program?

Yes, NAGORA Loyalty Program.

We are grateful that you choose us, and therefore nature and herbs, for your beauty care, taking care of your own health and the health of the planet at the same time. That's why when you shop as a registered customer, we give you valuable gift points to redeem for every purchase you make.

Next to each product you will find how many points it is worth. All you have to do is buy your favourite nagora cream in the same way, and we'll automatically add the gift points worth forints to your virtual account, where you can redeem them for 90 days.

1 point = 1 Ft, so you can easily track your gift points on your nagora profile.

When you want to use your points, don't forget to tick the "Use points to purchase" button during checkout, and the points you've accumulated will be deducted from the bottom of your account

IMPORTANT! Technically, we can only register loyalty points if you have registered before purchase.