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Skin type


Skin ageing starts around the age of 25, fine lines, later wrinkles and grooves appear, the skin visibly loses its elasticity and tone.

The internal cause is the slower rate of epithelial cell replacement, reduced lipid production and a 1% decrease in collagen production each year from the age of 25. The external cause is the daily oxidative stress on our skin and the cell-damaging effects of the free radicals that are produced. These include sunlight, smoking, unhealthy diet and pollution. But skin can also age if it is not cared for properly and does not receive the right nutrition and attention.

Daytime routine: 1. morning lukewarm face wash with water 2. toning: Flower power mist essence 3. blue light protection, anti-aging Peony-hyaluron booster + daytime skin care with skin type appropriate anti-aging daytime face cream/face gel/face gel 4. sunblock: Perfect skin BB cream 

Evening routine: 1. face wash with skin type appropriate face wash 2. toning: Organic rose water mist 3. improving elasticity, tone: Serum 09, 4. anti-aging: Acmella C+peptide collagen booster 5. night eye cream: Bakuchiol+ 11 eye elixir , 5. night skin care with skin type appropriate anti-aging night face cream/face gel

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