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"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life." - Coco Chanel
As a 40+ woman, the most important thing is to keep our skin healthy and smile genuinely. Not because everything will be fine, but because whatever happens, I will be fine.
And you learn that by the age of 40.
We have always had a problem with the words "anti-aging", because ageing = living, natural passage of time, and if you are lucky, for a very long time ????.
Do not want to fight against it.
Well-aging for us means accepting that life is constantly changing and that we find value in every stage.
We don't want to preserve our 20s/30s, but we want to flow with life and accept with gratitude whatever it brings. Hopefully, we will be wiser and the wrinkles on our faces will now bring back so many precious memories. Our role as women becomes different, but not less.
A perfect example is one of our favourite herbs, the rosehip or wild rose (Rosa canina). This wonderful plant is a beautiful rose bush (rosehip) when young, and later produces a dark red fruit, the rosehip, which makes precious jam.
Women are the same. We change and transform throughout our lives, but we remain an ever wonderful creature.
Well-aging 2
As women, we naturally want to look our best too, and healthy, glowing skin is the key to that. We believe that it is possible to age gracefully and some people choose to do so with cosmetic surgery and others are less bothered by the visible signs of time. Every woman can glow, no matter what path she takes.
At Nagora, we create crystal-clear cosmetics with over 60 herbs, bioactive and smart ingredients that help restore your skin's natural function, so you can eliminate skin problems and revitalise your cells, so your skin can glow at its best. Because we believe that every woman is charming.
We take care of your skin's beauty and health, saving you time finding the right prodect, and instead you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.
Nagora helps women become more conscious of their skin. We believe that every woman deserves beautiful and healthy skin, so our free online skin test is the first step to help you determine your skin type, teach you which ingredients to avoid and what to use instead. We'll also send you a list of your personalised beauty herbs. With us, every product has a soul because each one is a living substance, the best of nature in a jar.
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...and one more thing. We know that the online space is not appropriate to deliver the nourishing, healing experience, pleasant, fast-absorbing texture and natural fragrance of Nagora creams, so we offer a money-back guarantee on all our products. And because we're confident you won't be disappointed, we've uniquely extended the window of time to get your money back without question to 60 days.