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The power and uniqueness of Nagora soaps lies in the fact that Judit grows and cultivates not only each soap, but also the precious herbs in them, in her own small farm. So you can feel this special care and attention when bathing.

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Imagine a quiet village near Balaton. Its inhabitants live a subsistence lifestyle, far from the noise of the world. In this peaceful, idyllic setting, Judit grows her herbs in her small farm. She herself tends, dries and macerates (cold soaks) the sage, walnut leaves, nettles and rosemary, which then come to life in your soap to bring you into the natural cycle.

A soap takes 6 weeks to make and mature, because everything in nature has its own time and to speed it up is only possible at the expense of quality.

Their colour and scent are due to the herbs and therapeutic essential oils they contain. No added artificail colouring or fragrance.