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Natural Baby oil with almond oil & vitamin E, fragrance free
Natural Baby oil with almond oil & vitamin E, fragrance free
2 990 Ft

Natural Baby oil with almond oil & vitamin E, fragrance free

Natural Baby oil with almond oil & vitamin E, fragrance free
Natural Baby oil with almond oil & vitamin E, fragrance free

Essential for caring for your baby's skin folds and massage.

With almond oil and vitamin E, fragrance-free, for even the most sensitive skin.

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2 990 Ft
Unit price: 50 Ft/ml
Bonus point : 75 Ft
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Gréta, the developer's suggestions:

" Baby oil is worth using from newborn age, as long as your baby can stay still for a few minutes while you massage. This comes at different times for everyone, my daughter loved massage even at 8 months, my older son did only care until 7 months, while my little one needed it until he was almost 1 year old. Apart from helping the bond between baby and mother/father, massage is also important for the later development of movement and speech."


Essential for caring for your baby's skin folds and massage.

...because babies' skin folds in which dirt can easily stick, even causing inflammation, so they need attention and gentle cleaning every day.

...because by massaging your baby regularly, you can not only care for their skin, but also help them to develop movement and even speech and strengthen the bond between you.

However, the most common baby oils are basically made from petroleum derivatives, which clog pores and inhibit the formation of their skin's natural protective layer.

To avoid this, choose this petroleum-derived and other harmful chemicals-free baby oil, made with almond oil and vitamin E, fragrance-free for even the most sensitive skin.




According to Greek mythology, Phyllis, the beautiful princess, waited in vain for years at the altar for her lover Demophon. The gods took pity on her and turned her into an almond tree. When Demophon returned from his wanderings, he found Phyllis had been replaced by a barren tree. He hugged it in shame, and the almond immediately sprouted and blossomed.

Almond oil contains high levels of vitamin E, which protects cells and protects against free radicals. It is the finest skin care oil, even for the most sensitive baby skin. Richly nourishes sensitive and dry skin, leaving it velvety soft and silky smooth.



"Nagyon csodálatos termék, még a védőnő is megkérdezte, hogy mivel ápoljuk a kisunokám bőrét, mert nagyon szép, egészséges. Ajánlom mindenkinek." - Vetró Márta

"Baratnom ujszulottjenek vittem ajandekba, azt uzenik kivalo borszarassag ellen, nagyon jo vele masszirozni a babat furdetes utan, es konnyen beszivodik." - Edina

"A hajlatok tisztítására használom és a koszmó eltávolítására. Mindenképp olyat kerestem, amiben nincsenek vegyszerek és ez bevált. Nincs illata, de ez szerintem egy babaterméknél előnyös is, annál natúrabb."- Márti


To keep your baby's hair clean
Babies' skin folds on the neck, underarms and thighs and dirt easily gets stuck in these folds. That's why every night before bathing, it's important to rub the hairs with oil. And after bathing, make sure to wipe those cute folds dry too.


To massage your baby
Did you know that 15 minutes of baby massage a day improves the bond between you and your baby? You can start as early as the first few days and you'll experience fantastic results. There is a demonstrable reduction in stress hormone (cortisol) levels in babies, they sleep better, their immune systems are stronger and it helps with tummy aches. It even helps with motoric and speech development. We've used the massage brought from India by Vimala McClure for our babies and we'd love to recommend it to any mum who wants its blessings (Vimala McClure: Baby Massage - A Caring Parent's Handbook).






  • from newborn age to clean the folds as long as there are folds in thier skin :)
  • if your child's skin is sensitive to essential oils
  • if you want to clean your baby's hair gently and healthily, preventing inflammation caused by dirt and bacteria in the folds
  • if it's important to you to massage your baby with vegetable oils, free of chemicals and harmful substances that contribute to healthy skin
  • who want to help their baby's later development of movement and speech
  • who want a daily routine to strengthen the bond between baby and mother/father.


The oil will leave your baby's skin silky and hydrated, with the vitamins A and E, antioxidants and skin-nourishing lipids it needs. And the massage will tune you and your baby in. If you do the same sequence of movements every time, you'll be absorbed in the movement, so you can focus on yourself, what you're experiencing and your baby. You can achieve a meditative effect.



It is very well tolerated, making it one of the best vegetable oils for delicate, sensitive baby skin. Its high oleic and linoleic acid content contributes to healthy skin.


An excellent antioxidant, it fights free radicals by being absorbed into the skin. In babies, this can include oxidative damage caused by polluted air, medicines and chemicals that come into contact with the skin and damage its defence systems.


All creams are created by hand with extra care. Why is it good for you? Because your cream will not be produced, packed, labelled by machines but by us, who will add our heart to it besides the  gifts of Mother Nature. We take responsibility for the joy you feel during and after use. ;)




SLS and other harmful sulphates, PEG, petroleum, colourants, paraben, synthetic fragrance, silicone, dead animal derived additives, toxic emulsifier, GMO, palmoil

By using this product you actively avoid chemicals that are a hazard to your health and the environment, and you also reduce your carbon footprint.


The bottle contains 60 ml of pure nature in the form of vegetable oil. It is pale yellow in colour and has a neutral fragrance.


Cleaning: rub it over the baby's hair before bathing in the evening.

Massage: take a small amount in the palm of your hand and massage over the baby's body.

Test the skin on your baby's wrists before using the product!


Store in room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Use within 12 months.


We're confident in the excellence of our products, but if you don't like them, we'll refund 100% of the price. 

Should you have any questions about the product or your purchase, please contact us!

Free from
SLS and other harmful sulphates, petroleum derivatives, parabens, formaldehyde and other harmful preservatives, silicone, polyethylene glycol (PEG), colouring agents, synthetic fragrances, dangerous emulsifiers, animal-derived substances
Ingredients (INCI)
Aktív összetevők
mandulaolaj, E-vitamin
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