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Zero waste facial cleansing set - cotton
Zero waste facial cleansing set - cotton
4 140 Ft

Zero waste facial cleansing set - cotton

Zero waste facial cleansing set - cotton
Zero waste facial cleansing set - cotton

An eco-friendly, stylish and zero waste (gift) package for sustainability.

The package contains:

- 7 washable facial cleansing pad in the spirit of environmental awareness. 100% bamboo and cotton.

- 100% cotton bag for storing the pads, which can also be used as a washing net.

Why is it safe? Contains no petroleum derivative, paraben, PEG, synthetic fragrance, colorant, SLS ... Microbiome-friendly and Climate Smart cosmetics.

 Climate smart

Ingredient certificates:


60 day refund guarantee. Details here.

Delivery: 1 work day in Hungary, 2-5 work days in EU, 3-7 work days outside EU.

Shipping cost: 1490 HUF, free above 20,000 HUF in Hungary. International rates calculated at checkout.

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all skin types
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4 140 Ft
Bonus point : 124 Ft
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Gréta, a fejlesztő javaslatai:

"It's worth collecting the facial cleansing pads and washing them in the washing machine once a week. They'll be cleaner, softer and whiter and you won't have to bother washing them by hand. Since we all wash clothes at least once a week, with a pack of 7 you can always have a clean pad."


"A nagora mandulás arclemosójával használom és imádom. Általában nem sminkelek, így egyszerűen áttörlöm vele az arcom és a másik oldalát másnap használom. Smink esetén először letörlöm a sminket az egyik oldalával és tisztára törlöm az arcom a másikkal. Nagyon jó puha, nagyon szeretem. Mosógépben mosom." - Sára



  • you want to reduce your carbon footprint
  • you use only natural substances to keep your face clean
  • you want to keep natural materials in your bathroom.


All skin types.


Put a squeeze of nagora facial cleanser on one side of the washable pad and wipe off your make-up, then put a squeeze on the other side and wipe your face clean.

Put the dirty pads in the washing net and put them in the washing machine.





Pad outer material: 100% bamboo and cotton - you can use both sides.

Inner pad material: cotton, microfiber, zorb, polyester

Bag's material: 100% cotton



Wash in the washing machine at 40-60 degrees or rinse by hand, no ironing required. Use nagora Tabula Rasa soap to remove stains. It remains very soft even after washing.


Diameter: approx. 6,5 cm


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What's inside?
100% cotton and bamboo
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