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Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g
Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g
1 990 Ft

Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g

Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g
Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g
Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g
Sensual nymph for body and soul organic soap 90g

Inspired by birch, hand in hand with grapes and shea butter, enchanted by the flower of love. For the Goddess of beauty and fruitfulness. For combination and oily skin. Vegan.


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1 990 Ft
Unit price: 22 Ft/g
Bonus point : 38 Ft
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Suitable for all skin types if you're looking for a little pampering. It tackles combination, oily and problem skin on several fronts, so this is the skin type that can benefit the most. It is also recommended for bathing and hand washing.

BIRCH LEAFnyírfalevél

At the end of the Middle Ages, birch trees were also believed to have magical powers, as witches were said to have used the birch twigs to weave their brooms.

It is used in folk medicine for inflamed, acne-prone, oily skin. It is purifying and antioxidant. Thanks to its tannic acid content, it is also effective for chronic skin problems, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.


JuditJudit, our local farmer:

Our soaps' strength and uniqueness lies in the fact that Judit not only formulates and prepares the soaps, but also she  grows and cultivates her precious herbs in her organic farm near Balaton. So you can feel this special care and attention when bathing.


"Megmondom őszintén sok szappant kipróbáltam már, de mindegyik kiszárította a bőrömet, mióta ezt használom a bőröm sokkal rugalmasabb, puhább, és nem kell testápolót se használnom. Minden nap várom, hogy fürödhessek vele, mert valahogy nem csak a bőrömnek tesz jót, de a lelkemnek is , nyugtató hatással van rám."  - Rácz Barbara



Harmony, sensuality, calm. Silky skin with a pleasant touch. Happiness as you feel your skin come alive. Cleanses, harmonizes sebum.



Well-aging,  Microbiome-friendly & Climate Smart cosmetic.

SHEA BUTTER unrefined

The "secret" of shea butter is that its composition is very similar to that of a natural emulsion that protects human skin, making it an almost perfect skin care product.

ylang-ylangYLANG-YLANG essential oil

An excellent essential oil for oily, inflamed, acne-prone skin. Regulates sebum production. Its fragrance is harmonizing, aphrodisiac.




Its speciality lies in its extremely high linoleic acid content. It increases the water content of the deeper skin layers and has a powerful moisturising effect. Excellent for oily, acne-prone and combination skin.



You'll find a pink rustic soap inside and you'll recognise it from the first moment you see it that it was created by careful hands. And because it's handmade, you're sure to find no two exactly alike. :) You'll smell its delicate ylang-ylang scent right through the paper. And its rose colour is provided by the pink clay it contains.


Soap the desired area of the body, then rinse with water.



Store at room temperature out of sunlight. 



We're confident in the excellence of our products, but if you don't like them, we'll refund 100% of the price. 

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Free from
SLS and other harmful sulphates, petroleum derivatives, parabens, formaldehyde and other harmful preservatives, silicone, polyethylene glycol (PEG), colouring agents, synthetic fragrances, dangerous emulsifiers, animal-derived substances
Ingredients (INCI)
Olea Europea Fruit (Olive) Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Aqua, Betulae Folium Extract, Sodium Hydroxide (lúg), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Illite (agyag), Cananga Odorata Oil, Benzyl Salicilate*, Benzyl Benzoate*. * Az illóolaj természetes összetevői
Aktív összetevők
olívaolaj, kókuszolaj, nyírfalevél forrázat, shea vaj, szőlőmag olaj, rózsaszín agyag, ylang-ylang
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