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Rose quartz facial massage roller
Rose quartz facial massage roller
5 990 Ft

Rose quartz facial massage roller

Rose quartz facial massage roller
Rose quartz facial massage roller
Rose quartz facial massage roller

Reveal your youthful glow and say goodbye to morning puffiness and dark circles with the Rose Quartz Roller.

The Rose Quartz Stone Facial Massager Roller is the perfect addition to your day and evening routine, reducing puffiness and firming skin by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

For best results, spray Flower power facial tonic essence on your face before use, then apply a few drops of Serum 09.

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Why is it safe? Contains no petroleum derivative, paraben, PEG, synthetic fragrance, colorant, SLS ... Microbiome-friendly and Climate Smart cosmetics.

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5 990 Ft
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Gréta, the developer's suggestions:

"Keep your Rose Quartz Roller in the fridge for an extra cooling effect that will help you wake up every morning.
Goes great with a cup of coffee or tea



Inspired by Chinese medicine, the Rose Quartz Facial Massager Roller can help you achieve firmer, more radiant skin in just a few weeks with daily use.


- stimulates lymphatic circulation

- thereby reducing swelling on the face

- reduces fine wrinkles

- tightens the skin

- helps remove toxins from the skin

- helps to deepen the penetration of the active ingredients in your cream




Over time, the ability of the lymphatic system to remove excess water may decrease. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly, the face can develop dark circles, wrinkles, swelling and a dull complexion.

The Rose Quartz roller can help stimulate lymphatic drainage, which helps remove excess fluid and toxins. Reveal your youthful glow!


Morning routine:

1. Cleanse your face with lukewarm water or Organic Rosewater

2. Spray your face with Flower power beautifying anti-aging mist essence

3. Massage your face and neck with the Rose Quartz roller according to the instructions below!

4. Use the face cream that suits your skin type!

Evening routine:

1. Cleanse your face with a face cleanser that suits your skin type.

2. Spray your face with Organic Rosewater

3. Before the spray dries on your face, apply a few drops of Serum 09 on your face. For oily/combination skin, use it only around your eyes or chose Peony serum.

4. Massage your face and neck with the Rose Quartz roller according to the instructions below!

5. Use a night cream for your skin type!




1. CHEEK, NECK:upwards and outwards, starting from the neck, through the chin and cheeks, towards the ears.

2. TEMPLE: the nose upwards and from the middle outwards towards the hairline.

3. AROUND YOUR EYES:from the inside out around the eye and along the brow line.

Gently roll over each area 3-6 times. 5-10 minutes a day of massage and you'll have a beauty salon in your home.

TIP for treating puffy/tired eyes in the morning: when you wake up, put your Nagora Roller in the fridge for a few minutes, then after you've had your morning coffee/tea, mist your closed eyelids with Flower power beautifying mist essence. Before it dries, gently roll the previously chilled Rose Quartz roller over and around your closed eyelids, working from the centre outwards.

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Soap cleaning and complete drying is recommended after each use. Once a week it is also recommended to disinfect with alcohol.


Room temperature or in fridge.


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You can also find it under jade, jade roller.

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