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Daytime routine: gentle face wash with Rose garden face wash 2. toning: Oil balance skin harmonizing mist essence 3. blue light protection and anti-aging: Peony hyaluron booster serum 4. eye care: Pure shot with botox-like peptid 5. daytime moisturizer: Green tea - hyaluron hydra gel 6. sunblock: Perfect skin BB cream

Evening routine: gentle face wash: Rose garden face wash 2. mist: Organic rosewater mist 3. anti-aging: Acmella C+peptid collagen booster 4. regenerating: Sebum balancing rosemary night gel

Boosters, extras: night eye cream: Bakuchiol+ 11 firming eye  elixir, elasticity and tone enhancer Serum 09, anti-aging Flower power beautifying mist essence

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